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updated 6/28/09.
This site is dedicated to Bob Smiths around the world. As you might expect, there are many. Bob Smith is a very popular name. Almost all of these men are known as Bob, rather than Robert. I interpret that as a determination to be known by their unique acts rather than their name.

You will find that Bob Smiths are a diverse lot, but you will also notice that a great many of them are unique pioneers in their fields.

If you are, or know of another Bob Smith on the Web, please email me and let me know.

There is now a documentary movie about BOB SMITHs. Filmmaker Neil Abramson filmed 7 Bob Smiths, creating
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A special tribute to the Robert Smiths whose names are inscribed on the wall of the VietNam Memorial. They are 34 in number, from 22 states. Their ages at death ranged from 18 to 43, an average age of less than 23, and only 3 of the 34 ever reached the age of 30. How long Americans are going to put up with such a tragic, unneccessary waste of our youth?

Robert Smith

U.S. Secretary of State,
Attorney General, Secretary of the Navy

Robert Smith, publisher of the first printing of the U.S. Constitution
Wolfman Jack

legendary DJ, born Robert Smith, exactly 2 days before I was!  

Blow-up Bob Smith

Buffalo Bob Smith Tribute page

Brother Bob Smith - President, Messmer H.S., Milwaukee

The Bob Smith Band
Normal Bob Smith

Bob Smith
Industries Inc.

Salt-water Light Tackle
Sportfishing with Capt. Bob Smith

Senator Bob Smith (D)
New Jersey Legislature

Sen. Bob Smith (NH)

Bob Smith,
gay comedian and author

Bob Smith Realtors

Hon. Bob Smith®
Georgia House
of Representatives
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Automomotive Group

Bob Smith, Professor of Geology & Geophysics

Bob Smith - Realtor

Bob Smith
Baseball player (1895-1987)

Bob Smith
RYA Yachtsman
and Instructor

Bob Smith - Talk show host

Bob Smith - Past President & CEO
Fraser Health Authority

Bob Smith, founder of
Dolphin Promotions Inc.

Bob Smith Motors
Billings, MT

Bob Smith Sales

Bob Smith
Construction Project Manager,
U. of Missouri

Bob Smith - Author
"Hamlet's Dresser"

Bob Smith card game
(rules here)
Bob Smith - Broadcast
Pioneer of Philadelphia


Bob Smith - Wildlife woodcarver

Dr. Bob Smith
Senior Lecturer in Housing
Cardiff University

Bob Smith - Magician

Captain Bob Smith
Author/Motivational speaker

Dr. Bob Smith
Music Educator

Bob Smith Toyota
La Crescenta, CA

Bob Smith (psuedonym) A School Teacher's Confession

"Minnesota" Bob Smith's
Tree Farm & Nursery

Bob Smith - Photographer

Bob Smith BMW
Calabasas, CA

Yoga with Bob Smith
Tampa, FL

Bob Smith Memorial Races
- Bingley Harriers

Bob Smith
Sr. Vice President
Bob Smith's Design Studio

Bob Smith
Director of New Business,

Dr. Bob Smith
University of Melbourne

Bob Smith
Computer Games Developer

Bob Smith
Utah Area Engineer

Dr. Bob (Smith)
Alchoholics Anonymous

Bob Smith
1967 NHL Draft Pick

"Simply" Bob Smith

Bob Smith
Professor Emeritus
Washington U. of St. Louis

Bob Smith - Solicitor

Bob Smith, Director General,
New South Wales
Land and Water Conservation

Bob Smith - rock Musician

Shihan Bob Smith
Karate Instructor

Dr. Bob Smith
U. of Leicester

Bob Smith Memorial
Pro-Asst Championship (PGA)

Bob Smith & Associates
Prudential California Realty

Buckeye Bob Smith's
Custom Hat Shaping

Bob Smith Trio

Bob Smith
Finance & Information,
Leicester College

Bob Smith
Living History Actor

Bob Smith's Auto Service

Bob Smith - President & CEO

A family's tribute to their Bob Smith

Bob Smith - Author

Bob Smith
Owner of this site
& SHAZAM! graphics

Bob Smith
Oregon House Representative

Bob Smith - President,
New Zealand
Chess Federation

Bob Smith - Iowa Realtor

Bob Smith
Precision Measurement Technician
Bob Smith, EMS
- Real Estate Exchange Agent

Bob Smith's Golf Shop
Bob Smith, M.D.

Bob Smith - Baptist Missionary

Bob Smith - Musician

Bob Smith, M.D.,
Professor of Medicine
and Psychiatry

Bob Smith
Pennsylvania Realtor
Bob Smith - Auctioneer
Bob Smith - Principal,
St. Albans School

Bob Smith
News Anchor,
London, Ontario

Bob Smith Wilderness House

Bob Smith's Place
Land of Broken Dreams
Bob Smith
Dentist and Scientologist

Bob Smith
Sacremento Middle School
History teacher/Athletic Director

Bob Smith
Asst. Wrestling Coach,
Rhode Island College

Bob Smith
The Little Big Band

Bob Smith - Fairfax High School
Theatre Arts Director

Bob Smith
Wildlife Photographer

Bob Smith - Elder,
Countryside Christian Church

Bob Smith
Professor of Marketing,
Kelley Business School
Bob Smith
Kansas Wrestling
Coaches Association
Hall of Fame

Bob Smith
Recording Engineer,
BS Studios

Bob Smith - Milwaukee
Dirt Track Racer

Bob Smith
Graphic Design and
Printing Service

"Bassin" Bob Smith
Southern Fishin'

Bob Smith
Prudential Hallmark Realty

Bob Smith
Software Engineering Consultant

Rev. Bob Smith's
Home Page

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